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Figure 7

From: Differential apoptosis gene expressions of rhabdomyosarcoma cells in response to enterovirus 71 infection

Figure 7

EV71 infection induced activation of apoptotic signal pathway proteins. Cell lysates were prepared from EV71-infected RD cells at the indicated time and resolved with 12% SDS-PAGE. Proteins were transferred onto PVDF membranes and subjected to western blotting. (A) FasL expression in EV71- infected RD cells at 0, 8, and 20 h. (B) Western blot analysis for caspase-10, -8, -7, and -3 in EV71- infected RD cells at 0, 3, 8, 20 and 24 h. GAPDH was probed as the loading control. The phosphorylated or total proteins of AKT2 (C), JNK1/2 (D), NF-κB (E) and c-Jun (F) were detected by western blotting at 0, 8, and 20 h. The amounts of β-actin were also assessed to monitor the equal loadings of protein extracts.

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