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Figure 2

From: Escherichia coli–expressed near full length HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein is a highly sensitive and specific diagnostic antigen

Figure 2

SDS-PAGE analysis of r-Δgp160 and r-Trx-BAP-Δgp160 antigens. Aliquots of total lysates of E. coli harboring the r-Δgp160 and r-Trx-BAP-Δgp160 antigen constructs, before (lanes ‘U’) and after (lanes ‘I’) IPTG induction, and aliquots of the affinity-purified antigens (lanes ‘P’), were electrophoresed on denaturing gels and visualized by Coomassie staining. Protein size markers were run in lane ‘M’; their sizes (in kDa) are shown on the left. The arrows shown on the right denote r-Trx-BAP-Δgp160 (upper) and r-Δgp160 (lower), respectively. The asterisk denotes the position of biotin ligase enzyme.

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