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Figure 3

From: High viremia and low level of transmitted drug resistance in anti-retroviral therapy-naïve perinatally-infected children and adolescents with HIV-1 subtype C infection

Figure 3

Mosaic structure of identified unique recombinant forms (URF) strains. The strain, which was determined as URF_CH in RIP 3.0 program was further studied in details for its mosaic structure. The recombination patterns were determined by performing bootscan analysis with Simplot version 3.5.1 [21], using a window sliding of 100 nucleotide (nt) in 10nt steps, with 500 bootstrap replicates. The informative sites were presented inside the graph. The mosaic pattern of each segments were confirmed by phylogenetic analysis using reference subtype C and H strains downloaded from Los Alamos Database ( Two breakpoints were identified at 2816 and 2911 of HXB2 co-ordinates.

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