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Figure 2

From: Excessive proinflammatory cytokine and chemokine responses of human monocyte-derived macrophages to enterovirus 71 infection

Figure 2

Viral replication of EV71-infected human MDMs. Viral gene copies were quantified by real-time RT-PCR. Supernatants from infected cells were collected at designated time points post inoculation of EV71 at a MOI of 5 and the viral titter was measured by TCID50 analysis on Vero cells. A. the change of VP1 gene. The number of gene copy was normalized to 104copies of β-actin and expressed as mean ± standard error (SEM) from eight independent experiments, and each experiment was performed in triplicates. B. viral titters of EV71-infected MDMs cultures. The data were expressed as mean ± SEM from 8 independent experiments.

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