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Table 1 Length of the window period for test reagents

From: Residual risk of transfusion-transmitted infection with human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis C virus, and hepatitis B virus in Korea from 2000 through 2010

  Length of window period (days)  
  Estimate Range
   anti-HIV(EIA) 22* 6~38
   HIV-NAT 11*  
   anti-HCV(EIA) 66† 38~94
   HCV-NAT 10‡  
   HBsAg(EIA) 59§ 37~87
   HBsAg(CLIA) 45¶  
  1. *Data were obtained from Busch et al. [3].
  2. †Data were obtained from Courouce et al. [6].
  3. ‡Data were obtained from Dodd et al. [7].
  4. §Data were obtained from Mimms et al. [4].
  5. ¶Data were obtained from Comanor et al. [5].