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Figure 3

From: High content live cell imaging for the discovery of new antimalarial marine natural products

Figure 3

Morphological analysis of P. falciparum with IC 80 concentrations of extracts. Infected erythrocytes were synchronized and live parasites were stained with RNA probe 132A. Figure 3a are images of the P. falciparum 3D7 strain without any drug treatment at the ring and mature stage (control). Figure 3b displays the phenotype of extract G-0490-3, stunted growth of parasites at the trophozoite stage. Figure 3c displays the phenotype of extract G-0580-3, arrowheads indicate the enlarged food vacuoles at the early stages of the cell cycle. Figure 3d and Figure 3e, extract G-0005-4 and G-0049-4 respectively, inhibit parasite life cycle progression, decrease hemozoin, and hinder egression.

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