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Figure 3

From: Statistical estimates of absenteeism attributable to seasonal and pandemic influenza from the Canadian Labour Force Survey

Figure 3

Estimated percent of potential hours worked that were lost due to influenza per season. The proportion of potential hours worked annually that were lost due to influenza over the two pandemic waves was 0.19% (95% CI 0.15-0.23) compared to 0.08% (0.06-0.10) for seasonal influenza. Confidence intervals were estimated based on the coefficient of variation of the corresponding parameter for the proxy variable for influenza activity and includes excess variation estimated by the inclusion of a dispersion parameter. As a result, the CIs were quite broad and differences by employment characteristics were not statistically significant. The CIs for the Urban/Rural split were included to illustrate. While, the proportion of hours lost varied significantly with the specific employment characteristics, these employment characteristics had less impact on hours lost due to influenza.

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