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Figure 1

From: Role of P27-P55 operon from Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the resistance to toxic compounds

Figure 1

Cellular localization of P27. SDS-PAGE and western blot analysis of culture supernatant proteins (A), cell wall proteins (B), cell membrane proteins (C) and cytoplasm proteins (D) from MtΔP27 (lane 1), H37Rv (lane 2), MtΔP27::P27 (lane 3), MtΔP27::P27-P55 (lane 4) and MtΔP27::P55 (lane 5). Bands were detected by incubation with monoclonal anti-P27 serum (1:500) followed by alkaline phosphatase conjugated anti-rabbit immunoglobulin G (1:2000).

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