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Table 2 IP-10 and IFN-γ cut-off points employed for the assays

From: IP-10 response to RD1 antigens might be a useful biomarker for monitoring tuberculosis therapy

  IP-10 IFN-γ
Antigen IP-10 (pg/ml) Cut-off point provided by: IFN-γ (IU/ml) Cut-off point provided by:
QFT-IT antigens* 698 ROC analysis [36] 0.35 [company, 44]
RD1 selected peptides 350 ROC analysis [36] 0.57 ROC analysis [33]
  1. Abbreviations: *antigens used in QuantiFERON TB Gold In tube test format; TB: tuberculosis; IP: inducible protein; IFN: interferon; RD: region of difference; ROC: Receiver Operator Characteristics.