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Table 2 Signs and symptoms "at presentation"* for all hospitalised adult encephalitis cases in three Hunter New England hospitals, Australia, July 1998-December 2007

From: Should there be a standardised approach to the diagnostic workup of suspected adult encephalitis? a case series from Australia

Symptoms at presentation Cases, n = 74 (%)
Fever 57 (77.0%)
Altered Consciousness State (ACS) including irritability and/or coma 51 (68.9%)
Headache 46 (62.1%)
Encephalitis "triad" (headache, fever, ACS) 26 (35.1%)
Other symptoms:
Lethargy 24 (32.4%)
Focal neurological signs 23 (31.1%)
Seizures 19 (25.7%)
Photophobia 13 (17.6%)
Neck stiffness 11 (14.9%)
Abnormal behaviour 9 (12.1%)
Rash 7 (9.5%)
Myalgia and/or arthralgia 2 (2.7%)
  1. *a sign/symptom was considered to be present "at presentation" if the patient/next of kin reported to have had the sign/symptom in the 24 hours prior to presentation or if it was documented in the patient record during the first 48 hours of their admission.