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Figure 2

From: Erythema caused by a localised skin infection with Arthrobacter mysorens

Figure 2

Analysis of Arthrobacter mysorens. A) Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis of the clinical isolate (lane 1) and the soil isolate (lane 2) using primer P1 [5'-GGTGCGGGAA-3'] and primer P5 [5'-AACGCGCAAC-3']. The analyses were done with the "Ready To Go RAPD analysis beads" test kit from Pharmacia (Fribourg, Germany). B) Yellow-pigmented A. mysorens clinical isolates grown on sheep blood agar plates after an incubation period of 72 hours at room temperature. C) Scanning electron microscopy of A.mysorens clinical isolates. Magnification: 30,000 ×. D) Immunoblot analysis of the patient's serum using a whole cell extract of A. mysorens clinical isolate. Arrow heads indicate the two reacting proteins of ~53-kDa and ~32-kDa, respectively.

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